Alta is an independent VR game development studio primarily based in Sydney, Australia. We are a team of video game futurists who aim to make games that push the boundaries of virtual worlds. Since our youth, we've been itching to play games that allow us to truly embody the characters we control. With VR, we're finally able to wield the legendary weapons and instruments of awesome that we grew up with. That's the world we want to build!


Alta was founded in 2016 by Tima, Joel and Boramy. The studio is developing their flagship VR title, A Township Tale. The team is comprised of experience from studios such as, Rockstar Games (L.A Noire), Activision Blizzard, WB Games, and Nintendo.



There are currently no trailers available for Alta. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!

Tima Anoshechkin
Joel van de Vorstenbosch
Boramy Unn