Band together with your friends and explore a long-forgotten world filled with adventure, danger, and ancient secrets. Tame the wilderness as a group and build your own town. A sanctuary in this wild land, your town is where you’ll craft gear for your next expedition. It takes all kinds of heroes to make a successful town. Will you be a warrior? A miner? A blacksmith? Choose your destiny, and unlock new abilities for your town and your party. But choose carefully. Dangers lurk in the darkness below, and your choices in town and as a team will decide if you become legends, or your tale ends in tragedy.


In mid-2016, Joel and Boramy first got their hands on a VR headset and began to explore ideas. Tima prompted them with two core principles which set in motion the directives of the company. The game should be multiplayer, and should feel as natural as possible. A simple multiplayer tech demo was then built where players could see each other and interact with basic objects. It was at this point that Boramy picked up a hammer and pretended to be a blacksmith. Then a realization struck as game developers: "We can turn this into something!" An early tech demo for a sandbox crafting RPG was built and put on display at PAX Australia later that year. After 3 days of non-stop queues, demonstrations and bright smiles, the team was convinced to pursue this and form the studio Alta VR. Full-time development kicked off in 2017, and the pre-alpha was released in January 2018. The game has received updates every 2 weeks since then, and the community's grown to 50,000+ members on Discord.


  • Explore The World Together - A Township Tale is multiplayer so that you can discover the world with friends or make new friends with online communities! (Up to 8 players per server on Oculus Quest.)
  • Physically Embody Your Character - Throw, slide or hand items to friends and strike at your foes like you mean it!
  • Craft The Ultimate Gear - Forge 100s of weapons and gear across different professions! Smelt ores, forge weapons, chisel timber and assemble equipment using physical tools!
  • Level Up - Earn unique skills to define your profession. Specialize in different fields with your friends to create a unique party dynamic. This unlocks special abilities, like the ability to heat blades with the wave of your hand, charge arrows into swift light beams or cast shockwaves with the might of your weapon.
  • A Seamless Adventure Awaits! - Once you enter the world of A Township Tale, every element is connected together. Across the sprawling town, to the many outskirts, forests and the deep, dark cave below. A Township Tale features a blend of hand-crafted and procedural environments to give each world its own flavor.
  • Customize Yourself - with hundreds of configurable cosmetic clothes! Each item can be colored and mix-and-matched with other pieces to give you your own look. New items and classics rotate frequently!


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About Alta

Alta is an independent VR game development studio primarily based in Sydney, Australia. We are a team of video game futurists who aim to make games that push the boundaries of virtual worlds. Since our youth, we've been itching to play games that allow us to truly embody the characters we control. With VR, we're finally able to wield the legendary weapons and instruments of awesome that we grew up with. That's the world we want to build!
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